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    Road RollerRoad RollerRoad RollerRoad RollerRoad Roller

    Road Roller

    Name: Walking type double drum roller  Road roller


    Engine Model:HONDA GX270/ ChangFa178 Diesel

    Exciting force:20KN

    Drive:Hydraulic Station

    Vibration Control:Automatic Clutch

    Starting Mode:Hand/Electric



    Double drum roller compactor Turnable Gasoline Walk behind Vibratory Road Roller Compactor.

    High quality  mini road roller used pedestrian vibratory  small road roller for sale.

    1). this machine operating radius is small, can work in a small area; 

    2).HONDA diesel international brands, brandname quality assurance,superior performance, easy start;
    3).The use of international brandname SAUER hydraulic drive unit,variable speed 
    4).Handrails using plane gear adjusting mechanism, flexible, can adapt to different height workers to operate; 
    5). NSK Bearings by internationally renowned, MITSUBOSHI (Samsung) belt, to ensure that the work performance of the machine; 
    6). The Surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust corrosion; 
    7). This product has passed CE certification. 


    Zhengzhou Kunxun Machinery Co., LTD.

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